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Originally co-founded by FTRANS chairman John Hayes, Peachtree has developed Business Analytics to allow small businesses to monitor their company’s health and performance, uncover problems and expose opportunities in addition to analyzing their performance against industry competition. This software is scheduled for mass-market release on June 1st.

Peachtree Business Analytics is powered by iLumen.  Loren Eckert, EVP of iLumen, had this to say, “FTRANS services are ideal for small business owners who require help accessing assets tied up in accounts receivable.  We’re excited about the value FTRANS can provide to the millions of small business owners utilizing Peachtree’s new Business Analytics software.”

To read the press release, click here.


FTRANS was named to Tech Journal South’s Tech 50.  Companies were evaluated on technology innovation, management team, marketplace success, and execution success.  Tech Journal described these companies as, “the future leaders of Southeast technology.”  Check out the full list of companies here.


Check out the demo of Peachtree Accounting’s new Peachtree Business Analytics.  See how your company ranks within your industry by using the new company dashboard. Make more informed financial decisions, view up-to-date key financial trends and compare key business information such as Total Revenue, Gross Margin, and Days Sales Outstanding.


FTRANS was included in an article about entrepreneurs taking therces of financing stigma out of borrowing against receivables, in an article in the Wall Street Journal by Simona Covel.  Covel explores a receivables discounter, FTRANS, and a supply chain financing company.

The article notes that all of the companies that facilitate borrowing against receivables sometimes experience push back when pitching the program.  However, as was the case with Synovus Bank in Tampa, after working with the FTRANS, banks and clients find the value in it.  The article notes that after 1 1/2 years,  Synovus Bank in Tampa is now aggressively pitching the FTRANS program, in an attempt to branch out from real-estate lending.


Daily News SmallBiz, a free social network for small businesses, was launched this week by The Daily News, in partnership with   The site offers users the ability to network with small businesses throughout North America and access business and sales lead resources.

Daily News CEO, Marc Kramer, had this to say, “Our small business social network will provide a networking platform and access to business solutions for small business owners and their employees.”

He continued, “By providing an active community and business support system, it is our goal to offer a sustainable service to help them cope with these difficult economic times and help them build for their future.”

If you’re interested in checking out this small business network for over 500,000 businesses, read more here.