A Simple but Costly Mistake

When looking for a business loan it is critical to present a professional appearance to potential lenders. Everyone knows to be organized, thorough and courteous, but many make a common mistake that ensures lenders won’t take them seriously. The fix is inexpensive and simple but if you aren’t aware of the problem it can be a costly mistake.

Many business owners underestimate the need for a custom email address for their company. Often, the first piece of information a lender sees about you and your company is an email address. Your first impression should be that you have taken the time to structure your business communications correctly. Sending business correspondence from a free email service like Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL undermines professional image.

Additionally, creating a simple web site to go along with your domain provides an extra edge of credibility. Savvy lenders, partner companies and consumers will check your site. Having a professional site not only shows that you are a legitimate business, but provides more information about your company. Consider it a low-cost opportunity to present your sales pitch to each visitor to your page. Most companies that sell domain names will also provide hosting, and many will set up a simple page for you.

A custom business domain name and email service is easy to set up. Some solutions cost less than $10 a year. Owning your domain shows lenders that you are running an established and legitimate company, and that you plan to stay that way. Take the time to set up a custom domain for your business emails. Start your conversation with lenders on the right note.

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